Ajwad approach to Coaching begins with a structure that is customized and balanced to focus on the mutually “contracted” success objective agreed to by the Stakeholder (usually the employer), the Participant (entrepreneur, executive, manager or technical professional), and the Coach from Ajwad.

Ajwad offers three different coaching models

1. Executive Coaching: For all leaders or leadership teams. Four program offerings are available.

  • Coaching for Leadership: Here, the focus is on leadership support at the top of an organization.
  • Coaching for Development and Success: This type of coaching focused on current or future assignments or opportunities. This is an undertaking to “groom” an executive for that next step and/or fine tune their skills as they become more visible to stakeholders.
  • Coaching for Performance: The concentration of this type of coaching is on enhancement for current and future challenges.
  • Coaching for Strategic Projects: The focus of this program is on defined projects with the senior leaders/or leadership teams. Where the senior leader requires a confidant to define strategies and explore options.

2. Balance Coaching for High Achievers: The underlying principle is that people are naturally resourceful, creative and whole. From a practical standpoint, this means that with guided probing questions, they will find solutions within themselves. They are fully capable of finding their own answers, with the coach being more of a guide, rather than an advisor or mentor.

3. Leading Forward with Employable Talent - Growth Coaching: This coaching goal is to assist businesses and organizations in better preparing this next group for a successful outcome. The coaching approach and modular design will allow for a prescriptive agenda that is customized to the organization’s culture and business model.

Other Coaching Services:

  • Business Management Coaching / Remote: A focus is on providing tactical support to a field operations manager.
  • Group Coaching: Change management is a typical driver for this coaching model.
  • Business Unit / Team Coaching: Team effectiveness especially with a senior manager or acquisition assimilation influences the coaching model and approach.
  • Retirement Coaching: Transitioning to an encore career or a new life style.
  • Assimilation Coaching: A fast track support for the new executive team member.
  • Career and Life Balance Coaching: Supporting personal management of balance.